A more Flexible learning option for WAVA Students

FLEX offers WAVA families the opportunity to set their own structures and schedules for learning.  FLEX students in grades K through 12 will have just one mandatory Class Connect each week: a homeroom session with a group of other students.  This meets the weekly contact requirement, and also makes sure that students are connected with information, opportunities and each other. 

Flex Q & A
*Waitlist info see below

  • *What is Flex at WAVA?

FLEX offers WAVA families the opportunity to set their own structures and schedules for learning.  FLEX students in grades K through 12 will have just one mandatory Class Connect each week: a homeroom session with a group of other students.  This meets the weekly contact requirement, and also makes sure that students are connected with information, opportunities and each other. 

Rather than attending other Class Connects that are required by the teachers, FLEX students and their learning coaches will determine their own monthly plan for learning.  FLEX students are expected to complete 10% of each year-long course every month (20% for the high school’s semester-long classes).  They will have a monthly progress conference where they share their learning with the FLEX teacher, reflect on how the previous month went and look ahead to the next month. To remain in the FLEX program students must maintain passing grades in all courses.

  • *Is the curriculum the same for Flex and WAVA?

Yes, in both FLEX and “regular” WAVA, students complete the same curriculum as their peers in the other program, working online and with materials that are mailed to students in late August.  Just like “regular” WAVA students, FLEX students access OLS for their courses and sample schedules that they can adapt when structuring their month of learning.

  • *How often do Flex students have 1:1 support?

This depends on the needs of the student, but dedicated FLEX teachers will be available via email and phone on school days, and will have regularly scheduled and posted “office hours” each week.  These are set times when teachers are in a Class Connect session, ready to answer questions from students and LCs. Think of it as coming into the teacher’s classroom; she or he will be there in the Class Connect whether anyone joins at the beginning or not.  Pop in, get what you need, pop out.  Students with IEPs will receive all of the services called for in their plans, including specially-designed instruction time with special education teachers. 


  • *Why might a student choose this Flex option over our standard WAVA program? 

There are many reasons why WAVA students and families have opted into FLEX, but the ability to set up their own schedules for learning is the common thread. Some families need FLEX because of their caregiving responsibilities, health issues or parent &/or student work schedules that make it challenging to attend Class Connects and work on school assignments during the typical school hours. Still others are looking for flexibility that better fits their students’ learning needs – whether that is the time of day where the student can focus well, or that a student learns best from individual supports rather than in a larger group setting. 

  • *Can any age be in Flex?

Yes, students in grades K – 12 are welcome in FLEX. And as of today, we still have spaces in all the grades.


  • *Will students be able to pop into regular WAVA’s Class Connect sessions, or watch those recordings?

No.  FLEX students and/or LCs should contact their FLEX teachers when they need instructional support.  It’s possible that FLEX teachers will offer optional Class Connects, but this is a key difference between the two options.  For example, a FLEX teacher may find that many students are asking the same questions about a unit or assignment, and determine that a Class Connect is an effective way to address those questions.  The Class Connect will appear as optional on the FLEX students’ schedules; some students will choose to attend live, some will watch the posted recording, and others may not need that support and will not view it at all.  In regular WAVA, the expectation is that students attend their live Class Connect sessions as assigned by the teacher. 

  • *Will the graduation pathway for high school students change because of Flex?

No.  FLEX students in grades 9-12 will have access to the WAVA High School course catalog, and will still need to meet the same graduation requirements. Like other students across the state, students will need to choose and complete one of the graduation pathways that meets the state’s expectations.  WAVA currently offers 6 graduation pathway options, all of which are described on page 5 of the course catalog.

  • *Can students still participate in clubs and activities?

Of course! Think of FLEX as a school inside a school. All students in the Flex option are a part of the WAVA Family. The wealth of opportunities and resources available to WAVA students is available to FLEX students as well.  Spelling Bee – Clubs – Chill and Chat -- Lunches –Talent Shows – Prom – Field Trips -- Competitions -- Graduation Event -- And More

  • *When I register at WAVA, how do I get into the Flex program?

In order to sign up for FLEX, the learning coach needs to express interest on our Flex Form, https://tinyurl.com/WAVA-Flex-General-Inquiry-Form and can reach rbailer@K12.com. This will start with an overview of FLEX, then address questions that the families may have before discussing how/if FLEX can work well for the student’s learning.  Calls wrap up with a discussion of next steps – frequently that the LC will receive a copy of the FLEX Agreement via email to initial, sign and return to secure the student’s space in FLEX.  LCs still need to complete (re-)registration with WAVA as well, including their Choice Transfer Request with their local school district.

  • *Can a student do both Flex and regular WAVA?

No. After the FLEX conversation phone call, LCs and students will have to decide which option fits their learning needs the best – FLEX or regular WAVA.  Since they are a key difference between the two options, we often ask families to consider how important the live Class Connect sessions are to their students’ learning.  In many cases, one sibling has opted for FLEX, while another is remaining in regular WAVA because their learning needs are different.  The fit matters!

  • *Is there anything else that families should know about FLEX?

Testing is still mandatory for FLEX students, including DIBLS, MAP, the state’s SBA tests, etc. 

  • *What should families do if they have more questions?

Schedule a phone call with Rosie, rbailer@K12.com.  If you are interested in the Flex option please fill out the interest form at https://tinyurl.com/WAVA-Flex-General-Inquiry-Form. 

If you would like to be added to the Flex waitlist for 2021-22, please complete the following:


Step 1 – Watch Video https://www.loom.com/share/1f23f1303d9b4162b4a4edf8f4f55a36

  • Approximately 30 minutes long


Step 2 – Complete & Submit Questionnaire https://tinyurl.com/Flex-WL-Questionnaire

  • Submit one per family listing all students who would like to be on the Flex waitlist


Step 3 – Complete & Submit DocuSign

  • Each Tuesday at noon, a DocuSign link to the Flex Agreement for Waitlisted Families will be sent via email to all who have submitted questionnaire since the following Tuesday.  Links will be sent to the email address listed in the questionnaire. 


Step 4 – Await Confirmation

  • By the following Friday at 4:00pm, you will receive email confirmation that your Flex Agreement for Waitlisted Families has been received.  This confirmation does not indicate placement in the Flex option. 


Completion of these steps does not give nor guarantee access to the Flex option for 2021-22. However, priority on the waitlist depends on the order in which DocuSigned Flex Agreements for Waitlisted Families are received.  Additional details are in the video. 


All students should continue to attend classes and complete coursework in their current placements, unless notified by the Flex Coordinator of a switch into Flex. 


Questions?  Email Rosie Bailer at rbailer@wava.org

Helpful Resources:

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Flex Coordinator
Rosie Bailer

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